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    Goecha la:

    A trek for which I was waiting for one year after completion of trekking of Sandakhphur & Phalut.
    Ultimately I was successful. The day was 11th October, 2010.

    Goecha La (el. 4940 m.) is a high mountain pass in Sikkim, India in the Himalaya range.

    The pass gives a view of the southeast face of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world and is also the base camp for all those aspiring to scale the great mountain.

    The trek to Goecha La starts from the town of Yuksom, where the motorable road ends at an altitude of 1770 meters. It takes approximately seven and a half days to reach Goecha la and four to five days to return back to Yuksom. The main halting points in the way are Bakkhim, Tshoka, Phedang, Dzongri, Kokchurong and Lambi. The trek in the initial days is through dense forest cover, followed by Bugyals and finally totally rocky terrain. The trek is highlightened by the presence of Rhododendrons right through. It is fascinating to see the Rhododendrons in its various colours.

    Porters for the treks can be found at Yuksom which is cheaper at the rate of Rs 200/- to 300/- per day or at Yuksom.

    Trekking map of Goecha la
    Click image for larger version. 

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    We started our journey from Kolkata on 9th Oct. We mean Me (Sourav), Chinmoy, Sumon, Satya.We visited NJP by Padatik Express.First we visited Jorthang (South Sikim).

    Snap took on the way of Jorthang
    Name:  Near Jorthang.jpg
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    Our minds are also happy just like this Butterfly.
    Name:  Our minds are also happy fust like this Butterfly..jpg
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    From Jorthang we brought vegetables, eggs, noodles and other food, kerosine for eight days. On that day we had to stay Yuksom from where the trek began.

    Next morning I saw a beautiful sight from hotel window.
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    It is so expensive hotel in Sikim, as per local people discussion it is the home of Danny Denzongpa.(The well known villain in Bollywood Cinema
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    From the first day the rain was started. But we determined that we finished that trek at any cost. But we didn't know how much uncomfortable this tour was? But it is the part of trek, especially when you are accompanied by this mighty rain.

    A snap before starting this trek.

    My Squad - from left - Satya, our guide Chiring, Sumon, Car Driver, Dusant Rai, Cinmoy, Yak owner Buddha
    Name:  My Squad - from left - Satya,our guide Chiring, Sumon, Car Driver, Dusant Rai, Cinmoy, Yak owner.jpg
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    We started our trek at about 10:00am. We made our breakfast by taking noodle soup. This is very useful thing to overcome dehydration.
    By the way I need to overview what thing we did before making this trek.

    i) You need to report local police station,how much people is in your squad.You need to submit xerox copy of voter id card, 1 copy of recent photo.
    ii) Secondly you need to take permission from forest offiice of sikim government. That needed few money.
    iii) We took three JOE (Look like yak, but it's not), one cook, one guide.Joe's are guided by their master (Name cannot be remembered).

    Day:1 (11th Oct,10) - Our target was to reach Sachen today. It is cloudy everywhere. On the way you can see a river a many time. It's name is Prek Chu.
    You have to cross total four bridges to reach bakhim. But we need to cross three bridges today.

    First bridge over Prek Chu

    Name:  First Bridge on river Prek Chu.jpg
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    The road condition was getting worst with the progress.
    One snap of the landslide. I think this condition was recent.
    Name:  Picture 038.jpg
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    We are on the way to sachen,and the Prek Chu river was laying aside of us. That was a marvelous sight to enjoy.
    Name:  Picture 070.jpg
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    We walked through the dense forest.Many Kind of flowers, birds were trying to catch our attention. Yes they were successful. I think no one in this world can overlook this kind of beauty.
    Snap of some kind of flowers
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    Name:  Picture 532.jpg
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    We reached Sachen at about 3:30 pm. It is about 15 km from Yuksom. Oh, I forget to say the clouds were still with us. We identify a plain place where we can pitch the tent. Sachen is in the forest, and there is a probability to meet with black bear.

    Sumon, Satya, our guide are busy to pitch the tent, chinmoy supervised them.
    Name:  Picture 057.jpg
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    We hope that night are spent well.

    Day 2 (12th Oct, 2010) : Night was not so good that I was thinking.Spending a night in a tent not a easy task and this rain doesn't leave us. We made our breakfast as early as possible, because today we have to cover a huge distance.
    Today our destination is Tshoka.There is also a trekker's hut,let's see what will waiting for us.But one thing the nature beauty of hilly areas is different than any other places.It is so unique.We fall in love with that, though the rain made us wet.

    Both JOE, HORSES, TREKKERS are using this narrow passage
    Name:  Prek chu river.jpg
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    Branch of Prek Chu River
    Name:  Picture 071.jpg
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    The Last bridge that we crossed in this route
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice pics man. waiting for more.....

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    We are now at Bakhim. There was a little shop from where you can buy some selected items, we brought candles, two packets of cigarette, one soap.
    But we could not wait for a minute without taking the tea. We ordered didi (the owner of this shop) to give us tea & chang for our guides. Chang are nothing but the local wine made by seed or something pouring in the bamboo and fill with hot water, then what drink.
    Few snap of the shop along with some strangers
    Name:  Bakhim - the flavour of the stall was mervelous, however it was the last stall I ever saw..jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    There is a forest rest house.We can't stay here today, but we hope that we will stay here at the time of return.

    Forest rest house at Bakhim

    Name:  At BAkhim - Forest Rest House.jpg
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    It is hard to understand about the weather in hill.The condition were getting worst. We put our our raincoat on. Because it is a chilling weather and the rain with it.

    Sumon is angry due to bad weather, everywhere you can see is white. But we have to walk.
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    WE can not take a good snap due to bad weather.
    Ultimately we reach at Tshoka at 1:50 pm. We engage ourselves to make dry every clothes.
    Satya asked for snacks, I was going for Cheeselet.
    But owner of JOEs (Not exactly Yak, but looks like) is unhappy, because one JOE is getting sick.
    He is busy to unpack all of the burdens
    Name:  Picture 118.jpg
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    Slowly the place is full with many strangers, some were coming from Goecha la, some were coming for that.
    Among those people we met some soldiers. One of them was from Burdwan. Speaking in mother tongue with some stranger is a great feeling that I didn't know before.

    We pitch the tent as well.Because we didn't get the trekkers hut.
    Trekkers Hut of Tshoka
    Name:  Picture 129.jpg
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    Tshoka is a small village, there is a monastery amidst of that. I was alone wondering in this village.
    I reach the monastery and engaged to take some snap.

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    At this time I felt good, because there is no one around me, raining slowly, Everywhere is just white. This was a remarkable experience for me. At the same I had an experience, that I want to share.
    When I was returning to tent I felt thirsty. In hilly areas there may be a reservoir over the hill any where, people bring it to them by means of connecting pipes towards their target location. I saw a pipe from where the water was sprinkled. I was going to take it. But behind this pipe there was a hut from where a old lady called me.I went to her and asked her what happened, then I could see our guide Chiring coming to me and asked me yo go inside of that hut. I feared what they gonna do with me, I have expensive things with me. If they forced me to give what I should do then.
    She proposed me to sit on bed, where a thick cloth laid, and the room was quite hot. We sat near of a firewall. She could not speak or understand Hindi. So she communicate with Chiring. I was tensed, what is going to happen. I ask Chiring "Man what happen, what she gonna do", he told me to relax, she just asking him I prefer tea or Chang.
    Oh. my god. I prefer Tea, no local alcohol. Chiring ordered for Chang.

    That day I understood how mean minded we are than that poor villagers. Their mind is as large as that beauty of that hill region.
    She has only one son, he works in SSB ( Sashasra Sema Bal ), she lives alone in this place. In December it is heavy snowfall there, the path is totally blocked. So, they need to collect all of their daily needs together at this time.

    We finished our dinner within 7:30pm. It was still raining outside. Temperature was 1 or 2C outside. We finished our dinner in the tent.

    From left - CHINMOY, SUMON, SATYA in the tent

    Name:  Picture 189.jpg
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