IMAGE POSTING RULES as from March 31st, 2011

Image Size Limit: Image must be below 1 MB/1024 KB size. However, please consider those who are using low bandwidth, so RESIZE. The best way to resize is to download some image re-sizing software and do a batch or individual process for the images or an image. [The forum software will resize images automatically if the photo is bigger than 800 x 800, but suggest that you resize since the forum might not use the best method to resize.]

My favourite has been the 1. FastStone Photo Resizer and can be downloaded for free [ ]. The software is absolutely easy to use. Open or drag the files into the resize input window and "Resize" and then click the "Pixels" button. From the drop-down options, select "Pick a Standard Size" and choose the "800 x 600" option. Other tab options are there and may be used, but the resizing is the feature that must be used every time to be within the 800 x 600 image size.

Of course other options are there to resize an image to 800 x 600 size.

2. Irfan View.

3. Picasa [File -> Export Picture to Folder -> Resize to -> Export]

4. Microsoft Image resizer [download from]

5. Microsoft Paint. [Open image on MS Paint, then press "Ctrl" & "W" and under "Stretch", enter 50% or lower for the horizontal and vertical fields. The percentages will be more for a big sized JPEG. Save the image after resizing].

6. Any other software that you are more comfortable with.

Attachment: When a member uploads a photo to forum server using forum's posting interface. Threads are sequence of posts under same topic.

Embedded images from other websites is NOT allowed. Please upload photos/images to through the attachment interface. The main reasons are so that no images are deleted from the travel or photography forum. Images linked from outside may be removed at some point in time, thus creating a useless void in a article or post. Also a link may be slow from the third party image server and the fluidity of a post with images are lost.

Another very important reason being that no inappropriate content is added and image content rules of this forum is flouted.

IMAGE GALLERY: For the best of the images or may be you like to get a critical appreciation from other members, please upload those images at the appropriate category of the Image Gallery --> OR this link

Go to the particular category your picture fits in and upload the images over there. Click on the "Upload Photos" link, (right hand side of page. This will bring up the "Upload Photo" page.

1. To upload a photo:

a. Choose a "Category" by clicking the drop down box and selecting the APPROPRIATE category where you want to put your photo..

b. Next, click the "Browse" button. A "Choose File" window will open up. Using the "Choose File" window, navigate to where your pictures are stored on your computer. When you've located the picture you want to upload, click on it, and then click the "Open" button in the "Choose File" window. The file name of your picture will automatically appear in the white box next to the "Browse" button. You can upload 5 images simultaneously. Different member levels have different privileges and is mentioned on the "UPLOAD" area.

c. Enter a "Title" for your photo, definitely put in the "keywords" and "Description" of your photo in the appropriate boxes. These help other members in searching images of a particular subject or theme.

d. Click the grey "Upload/Submit" button. The system will upload the photos and will only take a few moments – please wait.

Once the photo upload is complete, the system will take you to the "showphoto" page. This page is where people can make comments and rate your photo.

Note: This page is also the page where you will find the URL of your photo as you will see in the next step. The URL at the top of the "showphoto" page is not the URL of the picture. You'll get the URL of the picture in the next step.

NOTE: Do not use the forum as your image gallery, post only the showcase images or those you would like to have a comment on. In this way you are also more likely to get replies and comments.

If you upload images at the gallery, you can embed those images into the forum by getting the URL or address, of your picture. Once you have that, you can post it on any forum that allows picture posting. Click in the box marked "Image URL" and erase the "http://" that's already in there. The URL you copied in the previous step already has the "http://" as part of the URL. If you have two "http://" your picture will not work. Also, if posting from the image gallery, the link URL is got by right click and is NOT the address that is written on the browser.

Just like before posting text, click on the "Preview" button. Always do this. If your message looks good in the Preview, then click the "Post" button. If your message has errors, you can correct them here and preview again or post.

If this is your first time in a forum software, do not worry. It is quite easy and in fact also has a test forum for going through the posting process, both for text as well as images. [ ] Please do use this facility.