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Thread: Changbang base camp & kanari khal

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    Day 8 :5th October 2012 (Bagini Upper Base Camp) : Today our destination is Bagini Upper Base Cap. But before reaching there we need to cross the Bengali Base Camp. This name is odd, I asked our guide. They told us the reason, but I donít know that is true or not. They said that Bengali reached that place first, for that reason to show respect they gave this kind of name. But Shuvankar faces fever problem today. I got pain at my feet due to the pot hole in the river. And today is the tough day of all the trek. Because we will reach near about 15000 ft today & the path is full of boulder, slits. But today we are going to see the most scenic beauty of this trek. So, we do not wait at all & pack our luggage as soon as possible. We start our trek at 9:00 am. We start early before our guides. Because this path is well directed & easily understand by anyone. One thing is very well to enjoy from here that is the sunset on Garur, Hardeol. So, before living this place we promise we will come here again to see this view.

    The river which we crossed yesterday......
    Name:  Picture15 333.jpg
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    Mount Kalanka........
    Name:  Picture15 337.jpg
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    Hardeol & Garur - looks like the twin brothers
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    Gradually the altitude increases, that we can feel by seeing the nature of the tree. It is perfect for the Dhup (Local Name) tree, Juniper Grass. The peaks are very close, the glacier over it can see from that position. Really I canít forget this view. At this time I feel some breathing problem, it is very tough to carry the ruck sack. So, our walk slowly. You are able to see some frozen lake, snow aside of the path. I remember that the wind velocity increased at 1:00 or 1:30 pm. It causes lot of problem because it is very cold air.

    Shuvankar taking rest...generally he does not...
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    After crossing many boulders we reached Upper Base Camp at 2:00 pm. At this time we see the avalanche comes from Mount Garur. It is huge, the sound is just like the bomb blasting. It was so near that we thought if they come towards us then we donít get any second chance to survive. But these bad thoughts donít exist a long time. Because the place was so cool that I canít explain.
    Our tent beneath a unknown peak..
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    Where is Chinmoy, he should not leave his bag alone...
    Name:  Picture15 347.jpg
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    Our guide is busy to make little food. One little problem I faced that was I felt little breathing problem & didnít feel any taste. I just felt that I was going vomit kind of stuff. Actually the altitude is responsible for that. I heard that at this time it is necessary to work out, that the blood circulation is normal. So I took lot of water to drink & after that we went a little further to our destination to take a glorious view of sunset over mount Garur & Hardeol. I was happy that I could take some good snap of mount Hardeol & Garur.
    Mount Hardeol at the time of sunset..
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    Mount Garur at the time of sunset..
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    Glacier comes from Mount Garur & Hardeol.
    Name:  Picture15 356.jpg
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    A little view of Changbang (At the extreme right hand side).
    Name:  Picture15 339.jpg
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    Cloud on Mount Hardeol.
    Name:  Picture15 371.jpg
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    Me in front of Garur & Hardeol
    Name:  Picture15 368.jpg
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    Shuvankar does not miss the chance to take the snap.
    Name:  Picture15 355.jpg
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    Chinmoy didnít come with us, because he felt some pain in his feet. So, he stayed in tent. Me&Shuvankar come to our tent, after coming some distance we see that Chinmoy is also busy to take snap of that remarkable view in his camera. We are happy to see him & return to tent together.
    That night was a painful night, because for some reason the tent was wet & we felt tremendous cold due to that. We need to take a good sleep because tomorrow will be the day when we cross a long distance.
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    Day 9 :6th October 2012 (Changbang Base camp) :We wake up 8:00 am & rush to finish the breakfast as early as possible. We now go to Changbang Base Camp, and then return to Bagini Base Camp. Then we go for SemKharak from where we can easily cross the KanariKhal.

    First Look in the morning....
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    Moran with Glacier...
    Name:  Picture15 412.jpg
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    Many crevasse have to negotiate to reach Hardeol...
    Name:  Picture15 413.jpg
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    There are many small lake made from the glacier............
    Name:  Picture15 416.jpg
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    One of the crevasse made me much deep is it.
    Name:  Picture15 418.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 411.jpg
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    Bagini Glacier...
    Name:  DSCF2357.JPG
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    A corridor between Hardeol & Mount Kalanka
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    The path of Changbang base camp is very beautiful. We walk over the alpine meadow and at the right hand side it is a large glacier coming from mount Garur, Hardeol, Changbang, Kalanka. We get a clear view of each every mountain from a near distance. You can see few Himalayan birds here. I have very few knowledge on birds, but Shuvankar has very deep knowledge on birds & butterfly. He explain many name but I can remember only one name which is Badri Crow. It looks exactly like the crow, but the beak & leg is yellow color.

    Mount Rishi..
    Name:  Picture15 405.jpg
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    Finally we reached at Changbang Base Camp at 10:00 am. We raised our Indian Flag & banner delightfully. The altitude is approximately 16000 ft.

    Mount Changbang...
    Name:  DSCF2380.JPG
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    At Rishi Khola..
    Name:  DSCF0071.JPG
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    Mount Kalanka from Rishi Khola..
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    Moment of Joy at Chang bang Base Camp...
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    Now itís time to return back to Bagini upper Base camp. After takingfew food we again start our trek to semkharak. The path is same as the path fLangatoli to Bagini upper base camp. It is only different that we proceed further path to Alpine Meadow known as Semkharak. It is beneath of KanariKhal. We pitch tent near a stream that there is no water problem& also it is a clear land.Shuvankar order Prasant to make a soup by Chilly. He says that is very helpful for cough problem. I remember that I also accompanied him to finish that dish, however that was no good.
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    Day 10 :7th October 2012 (KanariKhal) :Today our destination is uptoGarpok Village. But for that we need to cross the KanariKhal. The path is gradually rising upto KanariKhal& then it is a steep slope towards Garpok Village. We select this route because for its scenic beauty. You are able to see the range of mountain at 360į.Kalanka, Rishi, Changbang, Hardeol, Garur, Hati, Ghori, Ghora, KuntiVandar, many unknown peak you are able to see from this place.

    The place where we pitch our tent at Semkharak.
    Name:  DSCF0115.JPG
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    Path to Kanari Khal...
    Name:  DSCF0209.JPG
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    Gradually Rising towards Kanari khal
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    Name:  DSCF0267.JPG
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    Name:  DSCF0255.JPG
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    This kind of plant you are able to see all the path..
    Name:  DSCF0149.JPG
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    View of Nandi Kund pass while walking..
    Name:  DSCF0178.JPG
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    Chinmoy is coming..give him a path.
    Name:  DSCF0258.JPG
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    From where we are coming.
    Name:  DSCF0262.JPG
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    After walking for three hours we reach KanariKhal. We are happy not only for that marvelous view & also for few Bengali guys. We met them at Ruing village. They are also happy to see us. We took some snaps & share sweets from those guys bring from Haridwar. Because we succeed & our dreams come true.

    The full range of Garhwal Himalaya you can see from this place.
    Name:  Picture15 462.jpg
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    Really I like this snap because this makes me feel proud.
    Name:  Picture15 473.jpg
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    Now it’s time to go to Garpok Village. This path is gradually falling towards the village.

    You are able to see mount KuntiVandar at all the path. It looks like Mount Kailash.
    Name:  Picture15 486.jpg
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    Beautiful welcoming flower towards the village Garpok
    Name:  Picture15 504.jpg
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    We reach Garpok Village at 4:00 pm. We see that our guide already pitch the tent. We are very thirsty, because we are empty of water at the time of trek. Garpok is the village from where you can contact by telephone by using Satellite Telephone. I call my parents after many days that make me feel better. Everyone call their nearest persons. The telephone is kept in Gram Panchayet& locked by keys. If you want to make a call then you have to get the permission from a specify person, then he unlocked the phone & then you make a call. Two local child come to us, I give him the chocolate. They are so happy getting this chocolate.

    Mount Kuntivandar from the village Garpok.
    Name:  Picture15 509.jpg
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    Mount Kuntivandar from the village Garpok at the time of sunset.
    Name:  Picture15 531.jpg
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    A cool smile from a innocent mind.

    Name:  Picture15 520.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 528.jpg
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    One thing I need to say that tomorrow is the last day of our trekking. So, we are so sad.
    Name:  Picture15 522.jpg
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    Again we have to wait another good year when we will again trek to another good place. We made dinner by taking aloo paratha, sabji palankpaneer.

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    Day 11 :8th October 2012 (Jumma) :Today we will go to Jumma, from where we will take the car to Joshimoth. We made a contract that Mahabirji will make the arrangement of that car. Prasant mother makes breakfast for us which is Chapati, Aloosabji, Achar, Tea. All the villagers come to say good bye to us. Really this time after seeing this I donít want to go home.

    Prasant father busy to hake Hookah.
    Name:  Picture15 544.jpg
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    Finally we depart from there bearing all the stone on my mind. At a few distance from Garpok village there is Nag (snake) Temple. Above this temple there is spot on hill looks like a snake figure. The local people believe that once upon a time a snake lived there & the people worship that spot as a snake lord, because they fear that may destroy them.

    Flowers say us to come again
    Name:  Picture15 571.jpg
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    Path towards Ruing Village.
    Name:  Picture15 581.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 567.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 580.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 575.jpg
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    We walk from Garpok to Ruing village & then Ruing village to Jumma. At this time the weather gets bad. Wind blows at high speed & the cloud covers all around. But we sing song of success, ďWe shall overcome, We shall overcome someday.Ē Mahabir send the vehicle for us. Now itís time say good bye to our guide Prasant & Bhagat. We are happy that we get them as a guide, they also happy to make us happy.
    We reach at Joshimoth at 3:00 pm. Mahabir invite us to have a cup of tea at his office. We go there & pay all the due money to him. He sees the picture of the trek & he tells us that we are lucky that we get the weather too clear. Because now the weather gets worse gradually.
    I take a ticket to Srinagar of tomorrow from GMVN Bus depot. The bus will depart at 4:00 am & take near about 9 hours to reach there. But we have a plan that is we will go to Landsdown (the headquarter of Kumayun Regiment). Because from there Kotdwar Rail station is near. We will take the train from that station.

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    Day 12 :9th October 2012 (Landsdown) : We take the bus exactly at 4:00 am. It is freezing cold outside. A cup of tea makes me feel better. At the time of departure I remember those days spent with my friends Chinmoy, Shuvankar. I remember the guides, the villagers, every single peaks, the Bengali guys at KanariKhal shearing their sweats of success, our group photo with Indian Flag, our banner. Truly I cried seeing outside from the window.
    When we reached Srinagar I could not remember the time, but I felt very warm there. Me&Shuvankar render to arrange a car to Landsdown, but they demand a huge money for that. Finally we get a car who agree to go for Rs.2500/- We reach Landsdown at 4:00 pm. This is a hill station well maintained by the soldiers of Kumayun Regiment. But we have to arrange a hotel of cheap cost, because our budget is short. We get a room of Rs 600/- one night. We order Lassi after taking the shelter in hotel. Really the lassi was so thick that I use spoon to take it. We celebrated that night by Whiskey. CheersÖ..

    Day 13 :10th October 2012 (Kotdwar) : We decide to see the sight seen of Landsdown, but we donít know what we need to see. Because we donít know the places where we should go At this time we get a jeep who agree to show us the sight seen & take us to Kotdwar at Rs.1200/- We go to Tip in Top from where the range of mountain can see, The local church & Bhulla Tal i.e made by Soldiers. We check out from hotel at 12:00 pm.

    Local Sight....Tip in Top
    Name:  Picture15 592.jpg
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    Shuvankar taking the snap - as I say
    Name:  Picture15 596.jpg
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    Local people at Tip in Top...
    Name:  Picture15 601.jpg
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    Local Church...
    Name:  Picture15 636.jpg
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    Name:  Picture15 615.jpg
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    Shadows in the History....
    Name:  Picture15 624.jpg
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    An old person thinking of something...
    Name:  Picture15 628.jpg
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    Bhulla Tal..
    Name:  Picture15 642.jpg
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    Take some ride...
    Name:  Picture15 646.jpg
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    Some picture that sooth the mind..
    Name:  Picture15 640.jpg
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    Group Picture at Tip in Top..
    Name:  Picture15 597.jpg
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    We take the jeep & reach at Kotdwar station at 2:00 pm. But our train is at 9:00 pm at night. So we have to wait a long time there. We manage a rest room in this station worth rs.100/- The station is at very remote place. Very few trains come here.

    A picture of Kotdwar station..
    Name:  Picture15 647.jpg
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    Many lessons I have learned from that trip, many snaps I took of this journey. I returned back to home that I can go this kind of place again. But above all I want to say one thing that ďLife is just like riding a bicycle, if you want to see a new destination, donít stop, keep movingÖ.Ē
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