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Thread: Bihar -- A Royal Enfield Bullet ride to Sonepur Mela, a photo essay

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    Sonepur mela 2012 photo essay ...contd...

    People come from nearby towns as well as villages.
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    Trophies and promotional banner of race horse at Sonepur Mela, November 30, 2012
    Name:  Sonepur48.jpg
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    On the banks of River Gandak. Sonepur is situated on the banks of the River Gandak in Saran district in the Indian state of Bihar.
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    Elephants head off towards the Mela grounds from the bank of River Gandak after a bath. Sonepur Mela, December 2, 2012
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    Inquisitive horse...

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    ...and an elephant, at Sonepur Mela 2012
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    A fellow Royal Enfield Bullet rider at Sonepur!
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    A customer checks a "lathi" or stick at Sonepur Mela, 2012. Lathis from Munger dist. are famous due to a particular kind of wood.
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    Decorative patterns of "lathis" or sticks at Sonepur Mela, 2012.
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    Sonepur mela 2012 photo essay ...last batch...

    International camera crew from Korea documenting the fair
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    "Icchadhari Nagin"
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    Posters on sale at Sonepur
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    An elderly couple at a poster shop, late evening
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    A herbal medicine man from Haridwar at Sonepur
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    A Kashmiri cloth merchant at Sonepur mela 2012. Traders from all over India are seen in this mega fair
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    Sonepur mela is associated with the mythological Gajendra Moksha legend
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    The train line that goes by the Sonepur fair grounds
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    Promotional sachets of a company being distributed at Sonepur mela
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    From swords to lathis to machetes & knives to even household items from hacksaw to hammer, chisel & spanners and what not - "auzar" shop at Sonepur mela. Bought a brass knuckleduster from him, just a collectable.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Getting acquainted with Rani, the elephant. Taken by my friend's cousin brother from Patna, another hobbyist, who accompanied me on the last day [Sunday, Dec 2, 2012]
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    And I leave a mela still revelling itself among throngs of amazing people within a brilliant atmosphere of fun and festivity.
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    Since stretches of one side of Gandhi setu is always on repair, frequent jams take place - the reason as to why I stayed at Hajipur to cover the Mela. Otherwise, on a normal day it takes at least 1 hr each way from Patna and double the time if stuck on the bridge.
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    The last night I stay and spend time with my good friend, Rajesh and his family. Early morning, Monday, leave Patna for the 400 km run to Asansol, where my cousin sister stays.

    Maintaining good time, crossed Bakhtiyarpur but then suffered a puncture by a spoke piece beyond Nawada. Could not take out the spoke and with no extra tube as such had to push the Bullet around 2 km to the nearest puncture shop. Lost more than 2 hours over here.
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    The ghat forest roads around Koderma and Jhumri Tilaiya
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    As much as I like to cover the transport sections of a journey while on the Safari drive, I am very uncomfortable with a night highway journey on a motorcycle for quite a few reasons. Wanted to explore the Tilaiya dam near Koderma, Jharkhand, but as 2.5 hours was lost due to puncture, just this hurried picture by the highway.
    Name:  Sonepur153.jpg
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    As said, the chrome still shines and the thump is intact, just 1.4 lakh km young - along the Barhi-Asansol stretch of NH2. Reach safely and just around dusk at Asansol
    Name:  Sonepur154.jpg
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    Next day sometime after noon, The next day start from the cousin sister's house and towards Kolkata. Dakhishewar temple took a brilliant golden hue due to the evening sun
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    Name:  Sonepur150.jpg
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    Reached safely and great to be back home to Asmita and Bamba, wife and son, - and of course again, just like my bicycle journey, if it had not been the fantastic support from them - solo trips would never would have come through.

    Of course thanks to all the readers too, it has been a pleasure to share this Sonepur travel photo essay with all!


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