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Thread: Self-Drive Exploratory Expedition Travel -> Zanskar & Unknown Kashmir, "off-season" October 2011

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    Srinagar - Doodthpathri - Srinagar [contd..]

    A brief idea of the location of Doodpathri with relation to Srinagar and Gulmarg from Wikimapia. Click to magnify.
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Name:	Position of Dodpathri with relation to Srinagar and Gulmarg.jpg 
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    Leaving our Safari VTT, we walked towards till we can of the Doodpathri region
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    Luxurious tourist cottages and huts are being developed within the meadow region as seen
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    We reach the end of this brilliant meadow, as I take this image of the mountains of Pir Panjal as seen from the end of the Doodpathri region.
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    We are only people out here roaming around and as evening approaches, it is time go back to Srinagar, but not before one last view of this fantastic destination.

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    And of course we will and definitely will stay over here for a couple of days - as of 2012 infrastructure development is complete and one can book via the JK tourism offices - again I repeat, do stay over here for a day rather than planting oneself at Srinagar, approx 45 km and a 2-hour journey max.
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    So back at Srinagar by late evening and this humongous of trip and exploratory expedition has truly come to an end. As in previous travels, we celebrate by a huge meal after days of travel to here and there, and for this huge yet brilliantly successful travel - more so as we head off towards Mughal Darbar for a big , big dinner - of Wazwan and Kashmiri cuisine delicacies.


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    Srinagar - Delhi - Mughalsarai - Kolkata return drive

    A successful journey always ends by a fantastic lunch or dinner, after days of travel in the remote lands and abrupt meal times. And in Kashmir it has to be the cuisine of Wazwan - and what better place than at Mughal Durbar of Srinagar.

    Wazwan, it is a unique concept and means "WAZ"-the chef person with the rare culinary skills passed on through generations, an artist who is obsessively and passionately involved with his art and who is one of the privileged few flag bearers of this great Kashmiri tradition,"WAN" is the shop with the abundant supplies of meats and delicacies.

    Two seekh kababs and contains four pieces of methi korma (chicken or mutton flavored with a spice mixture containing dried fenugreek (methi) leaves), two tabak maaz (twice-cooked lamb ribs, initially braised with ground spices and milk, then browned in butter), one safed murg (chicken with white sauce), one zafrani murg (chicken with saffron sauce), and the first few courses. Yogurt and chutney are served separately in small earthen pots. As each trami is completed, it is removed, and a new one brought in, until the dinner has run its course. Seven dishes are a must for these occasions — tabakh maaz, rista (meatballs in a red, paprika-saffron-fennel spice gravy colored with alkanna tinctoria), rogan josh, daniwal korma (lamb roasted with yoghurt, spices and onion puree, topped with cilantro leaves), aab gosht (lamb chunks cooked with a fennel-based spice mixture, cardamom and partially evaporated milk), marchwangan korma (chicken legs/thighs cooked in a spicy browned-onion sauce) and gushtaba (meatballs cooked in a spicy yoghurt gravy). The meal ends with the Gushtaba
    From Kashmiri pulao, to sheek kababs to Roghan Josh to Gushtaba, to Rista to Tabakh maaz to this and that...
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    There's no mercy, we had devoured plate after plate, in celebration of this successful astounding travel.
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    Wazwan at Mughal Durbar, Srinagar

    This was the last day in Kashmir, early morning we head off to Dal Lake. It was something of an anomaly that this was the first time we are seeing Dal Lake, after having seen places like Inshaan, Gurez, Lolab, Bangus and Dodhpathri. Some moments at Dal Lake
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    After that trip to Dal Lake, we take the turn to go back, a lunch done at Bijbehara for a fill lunch as we head off towards the day-night-day journey Delhi and beyond.
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    We stopped beyond Delhi till where I started to feel very tired, stopped at Palwal, Harayana. From there again the journey continued towards Kolkata but not before a ball bearing change and a battery cable repair - again met some of the most wonderful and helpful but yet most ordinary people on the NH2 highway of UP, who helped us out. Would detail later, as I hurriedly finish in this last post of the travelogue.

    A momentary stop for a click for the brilliant field colours seen in Jharkhand by NH2, late afternoon.
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    As highway zooms by and we near Kolkata, we contemplate silently the moments of this wonderful journey - a travel that had so many moments, so many interactions. Clicked here by my friend, Surja, who joined us again at Srinagar.
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    So that's it then, bye then till the next trip, ride, or trek.


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