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Thread: Discovery of a Secret Beach and Unknown Forests->Western Orissa

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    Day 5: Sunabeda Forests day#3, Kharaldas waterfall contd.

    Kharaldhas waterfall is around 55 Metre/165 feet height, located towards west of Beniadhus waterfall. The water that comes through is from the Beniadhas itself and from here the water flow becomes the source of River Jonk - like that name "J-O-N-K"

    The drop is precipitous and boy under the watchful supervision of the guide

    The drop was sudden and I crawl on the belly to the edge.

    As sun sets over the Kharaldas so also our stay at Sunabeda ends


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    Jan 1, 2009, Day 6: Sunabeda Forests to Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj, Orissa

    On the first day of the New Year of 2009, we start our journey at 5 am towards Calcutta, it is a big one, around 900 km through state highways and NH6 single carriage ghat roads and the roads are very bad to okay from Keojhar towards Calcutta - anyone who has a sedan or other than SUV should take the NH42 to join NH5 at Choudhar. We all have work and offices next day and we have to reach Calcutta by 800 am on Jan 2, 2009.

    We travel fast and by 530 pm we are at Bangriposi, Orissa, around 4 hours from Calcutta. Decided to have a stop here to relax at the Panthashala since we now had the journey under control. We thus start at 4 am on the Jan 2, 2009 morning and reach around 8 am, again experiencing the convey escort at Lodhashuli.

    NH6 we crossed during the night while going and it was menacingly beautiful with pitch darkness and now in daylight it was a scenic highway, good to be on single carriage old school style highway.

    Ghat roads on NH6

    And a 1-hour slow crawl because of this, traffic from opposite sides closed, there is something of a ISRO unit out here somewhere.

    Stop a lonely dhaba for lunch, somewhere on NH6

    And after crossing Jashipur took a halt here for a break and also watch these fights for sometime.

    At Bangriposi, Orissa, where we stopped for the night at the OTDC guest house there before proceeding very early morning [4 am] to join offices/work on Jan 2, 2009.

    So there ends one heck of a memorable trip. The place we knew was going to be remote, but what we got was way above it, the memories of the journey and places will remain with us for long. And kudos to the 2.2 VTT-TMT for coming back incident free and making us feel so safe, of course some of the rides in the future are only going to be tougher but right now have tremendous confidence on this 2.2

    As usual, it is a pleasure to share with all and writing down this travelogue is definitely reliving the experience and refreshing the memories.


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