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Thread: Discovery of a Secret Beach and Unknown Forests->Western Orissa

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    Day 3: Nrusinghanath Temple, Kapildhara, and Sunabeda Forests day#1

    Early morning we take the road to Sunabeda via Padamapur and Paikmal via SH3

    and we come across this long distance runner and the lone ranger

    and also come across this beautiful pond, early morning and a fantastic soothing road side break here for 15 mts

    Nrusinghanath Temple Complex

    And from there to a hill road to Kapildhara Falls

    And again we take the SH3 road from Paikmal to Sunabeda via Nuapada

    and come across this huge banyan tree and again a break to really feel the expanse of the tree base

    Dec 29, 2008: Reached Nuapada around 12 noon and collected papers from the Forest Department at Nuapada town and proceeded to enter the forests.

    Found this lonely dhaba by the SH3 road and had some real dhaba food, especially glad to have some desi chicken and not the usual broiler stuff.

    And then to Sunabeda forests, very few tourists come to Sunabeda and we discover and feel remoteness as we stay for a good 3 days over here.

    First on towards Maraguda water tank before going to the Forest Rest House

    Dec 29, 2009, my son turns 4 and we celebrate his birthday at the Forest Rest House at night.

    But the night hasn't ended. The real enjoyment of going to these unknown forests, there are no rules. We ask if we can go out in the night and they give us a person as a guide. We go towards the deeper parts. Night journey in a dense forest like this is way over the top, the feeling and sense of loneliness and "what happens if" factor is on the top of the mind, but then again what an experience.

    The person who accompanied us has no idea how much space a car takes, leave alone a Safari, and this forest being remote and with almost nil tourists, we were soon going over shrubs and undergrowths. Safari 2.2 VTT-TMT went over all this and brought us safely back to the rest house at around 1 am. Though we sighted no wildlife except some foxes, this first night journey has us asking more night safaris the next 2 nights that we are here.


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    Discovery of a secret beach and unknown forests [Orissa]

    Sunabeda WildLife Sanctuary located between longitude 82 degree 20'00'E and 82 degree 34'42"E & latitude 20 degree 24'N and 24 degree 44'N in Nuapada District of Orissa, sharing common border with Chhatisgarh State, is an excellent natural habitat of endangered flora and fauna. It was declared as Sanctuary in the year 1983 with total geographical area of 600 sq. KM. Mostly dry deciduous forests with enchanting hill ranges, the heart-throbbing cliffs, extensive plateau, scattered grasslands, magnificent waterfalls & gorges, and primitive tribes are fascinating attraction of Sunabeda Sanctuary. Besides, the Maraguda Valley, Jumalgarh Fort with traces of ancient civilization and River Jonk are adding to rich cultural heritage of Orissa. This Sanctuary, being the source of origin and catchment of Jonk, Sunder and Indra rivers, plays an important role in socio-economic development of the locality.
    Our quarters

    and behind on the trees a number of bats were there, a close up of a one

    Came to know of 2 waterfalls Beniadhas and Karaldhas. Soon we proceeded at first in search of Beniadhas water fall, it was slow and rough ride of 1.5 hours through gravel, bushes, and what not.

    And what we saw has us spellbound, found a the proverbial secret beach with a waterfall at the other end in the middle of the forests. From the top the sand was white as it can be and the water cyrstal clear and green-blue turquoise

    I had to go down to that place, am not going back just from the top, gotta take a dip no matter what. But then there was no road/path down to the ground out here. Took out the Safari's lifting rod [!!] and used it to clear the dense bushes as we slowly made our way down.

    The village guide's wife and their daughter also accompanied us as they themselves though residents of the Sunabeda forest village has not come out here, these forests were unexplored for them too.

    Midway down the descent


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    Day 4: Sunabeda Forests day#2 and the Secret Beach -->> contd.

    Finally after a 25 mt clearing bushes and descent we are at ground level

    And finally on to the sand, whoaa!!!

    And the waterfall with crystal clear water

    I least expected a waterfall beach, did not bring my shorts - so the vest goes is modified to like that!!

    Seeing me, 4-year-old son is super excited and the village guide also comes in for a dip

    And we all have a fantastic time, a moment we all cherish, absolute wilderness and a swim in the middle of a forest.

    And from here the water flows down to go to another waterfall called Kharaldas, the source of River Jonk, which is twice the height of Beniadhas at 160 feet and twice as remote as we go further into the forests through unchartered clearings, there are no roads.


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    Day 4: Sunabeda Forests day#2 -->> contd.

    After that very satisfying visit, next is Kharaldas waterfalls, the source of River Jonk and twice the height of this and twice more remote, but it takes around another hour from here and thus making a return journey to our rest house to around 3 hours. We decided to try the next day since we were already late, having spent quite a bit of time out here as it involved going over boulder-sized rocks and grasslands. Also the village guide is not quite sure whether a car can over there.

    As such went to Borra salt pit watch tower and thought of waiting sometime since dusk to see some wildlife but the watch tower and no steps to go on to the top [!!] and there were not even a road or even clearing to the watch tower to bring the Safari till there.

    Returned back to the forest village to take some rest and walked around, a small village but the main village of the forest of around 200-300 people.

    Young revolutionary

    As night and temperature falls, we light up our own fire outside.

    and thats the way you light up

    After a wholesome and simple dinner cooked by forest guards we are out again for a night safari, a place called Datunama - again remote and this part is bordering Chhattisgarh and part of Naxalite region.

    The forest guard at Datunama and our village guide at Dantunama and at Orissa/Chhattisgarh forest boundary.

    While coming from Datunama saw a leopard, which was amazingly fast just for may be 2 seconds or so, and a big bear - totally different size wise from what we see at zoos, this is huge and stands still as it eyes glows at a distance from the Safari lights and then suddenly takes flight hops off to the darkness.

    On return journey we see this mango tree, a perfect shape, in fact stop here to take a picture, looks like some pruned it.

    Thus ends day 4, Dec 30, 2008. Tomorrow we explore 2 more forest waterfalls, Godhus and Kharaldas.


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    Day 5: Sunabeda Forests day#3

    Dec 31, 2008, the last day of the year, was day#3 at Sunabeda. We had 2 more waterfalls to cover Godhas and Kharaldas. Godhas, at the other side of the forest range, relatively easy road but takes about 2.5 hours as one needs to go out of the forests all the way back to Nuapada town and then go towards Patora Dam, and then beyond.

    After a spending total to and fro travel time of 6 hours we were very much disappointed to see this kind of waterfall after what we have seen at Beniadhas [the secret beach one].

    Dec 31, 2008, and last day at Sunabeda

    At Godhas forest shed.

    Godhas waterfall, no water falling, just stagnant, definitely will be fantastic during monsoons

    It was late afteroon already by the time we had our lunch and we had to go to Kharaldas, the big one, the source of River Jonk. The journey is beyond Beniadhas and we take on another villager who knows the way, our own village guide has not seen that place yet!!!, but was not sure if a car can make. There were another couple of villagers who wanted to go with us but then already we were full in the VTT with 6 people!!! Really made me wonder what we were heading to. It took around 2.5 hours from the Sunabeda forest village to the waterfall deep inside the forest.

    There is no road, in fact these pictures were when you can describe the road as "good" as after that it becomes impossible to hold on to the camera and drive.

    And then it becomes very bad, there are roads/paths, or whatever, twice I scratch the engine guard and 4 times the VTT travels the complete length of the shock absorbers.

    Paused for a moment to figure out how to go about this

    But then we reached it and "parked" the VTT and it is a 15 mt trek in the forest to reach the waterfall sides.

    No amount of coaxing would have wife come down the rocks, she planted herself over there and enjoyed the wilderness. It was really steep going down to the actual waterfall


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