Source/author: Adams

The following article is a rewritten version of the wildflower photography chapter from my book Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians. I wrote that book in 1995, long before I had any inkling that one day I would own a digital camera. Although much has changed regarding the equipment side of photographing wildflowers, the application of proper technique remains the same. And no matter what changes lie ahead, no camera will ever remove personal creative vision from the photographic equation. I've updated this article to suit our modern digital cameras and accessories, but remember, the camera does not take the photo. You do.

With digital cameras come opportunities to explore our creative vision in ways unimaginable a decade ago. Multiple exposures, stacked images, infrared photography, and numerous other special techniques are as easy to accomplish with a digital camera as it is to load a roll of film in a film camera. These creative photographic techniques are not included in this article. This is more of a meat and potatoes introduction to making closeup and wildflower photographs. I plan to add a separate page that addresses special digital techniques later.

Many of the concepts discussed here are not specific to wildflowers and close up photography. Composition, lighting, good technique, exposure, and quality equipment are important in all types of photography.

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