Purpose of Food photography

I realize that the discussion of different types of photography may not really help you in learning how to photograph food, but it may answer a few questions regarding the profession of food photography. Im attempting to cater to three different audiences here. I would like to help educate the budding student professional or high-schooler that is trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Id like to give them a little glimpse into a profession that not too many individuals know much about. I would think that the typical high school guidance counselor knows little about the typical day of a food photographer. The second type of viewer that Im reaching out to, and most likely the largest audience of this article, is the advanced hobbyist photographer. Maybe their brother-in-law is offering them a few bucks to photograph his new restaurant menu or maybe they just want to expand their photographic skill set. For whatever reason, something inside drives them to learn more and more about this fascinating hobby of photography. Finally, the third type of viewer I expect to visit this site is the advanced professional. Because of this person, my competitor, I wont be able to explain all my secrets. Im not quite as dumb as I look! Hey?

To save you some time, I will try to point out areas that pertain to the profession of food photography and also those sections that relate to the technique of food photography.

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