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As the Puja holidays [Oct 2009] neared and all known places booked before hand that too with exorbitant rates; searched for some interesting unknown place, one news item suddenly caught my mind - around half a lakh foreign tourists visit a place near Ankadeli, a tribal village beyond Jeypore, Orissa, - more so as a tri-state place where the borders of Orissa, Chhattigarh, and Andhra Pradesh meet.

And more we came to know about this tribal land and its people and desolate roads and caves, the more we were fascinated. Here is a place where we Indians dont know about and yet when I ask for a hotel room, I find out that all hotel rooms in the good hotel are booked all Thursdays till mid 2010 by foreigners. Why? As we encountered that Thursday, we were fascinated by the people, whom we call the most primitive tribe other than the Jarwas till now and yet one can but be enchanted by their simple life, market scenes, and their way of living.

Now any place such as this evokes a immediate concern - Maoist presence and soon I find that there are more than enough out there. All the nearby police stations have been blasted as recent as July. So reasoned like, if a foreigner could come up and visit out here, so could we. With that also grouped the Chitrakote falls, India's Niagara, which is magnificient to watch during the monsoons but since late rainfall happened last year, it was still in magnificent flow.

All in all we had a fantastic journey, not a glamourous one like a Ladakh or a Goa tour would be, but a journey to kind of discovery of tribals, places, people and roads, and to see the waterfall also known as the Niagara of India!

Chitrakote Falls - In all its splendor!!
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Among the Bonda tribe
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Somewhere in Interior Dantewada
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