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seeing your thread on this travel elsewhere, thought of going to these places. Went till Reshi, visited the Aritar lake. but could not go any further as it was December end and the roads ahead were all snowed out. Seeing these photos again has started the itch. may be next year. but in the travelogue that i had read elsewhere you did not mention anything about the way to reach Reshi Khola from main road, which was quite a challenge for my Alto. If it is okay, i will post a link to the video. I realized it is too much for a small car only after going halfway, but of course i could not return from there. in the first few photos here you have mentioned the boulders, but when i visited, they had put some sand or loose soil over the boulders which even complicated the matters for me. though i went downhill, i just trudged downward very slowly and carefully, all the while thinking about HOW THE HELL WILL I DRIVE UP TOMORROW?? But again, my little warrior, the Alto somehow managed to do it all.

Oh yes there were boulders and loose sand will not only hide those nasty edges but also it is sure way to get trapped particularly with car with low ground clearance. And knowing you, no one will doubt your capacity from it. Again kudos to you and your family of completing this journey. Rishi Khola is one beautiful place in Eastern Sikkim, no doubt about it. And again without doubt enjoying everybit of your travel report. Thanks for sharing!