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Thread: Extreme Exclusive Wild, Wild North Sikkim--A Himalaya to Bay of Bengal journey > North Sikkim

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    Trucks and the men - ARMY

    Let me put all the pics together of the trucks and Army men.


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    So after a fantastic Gurudongmar trip and with a mind boggling frozen waterfall sight still in our minds, we head off to Lachung hotel [8.5k feet] and from there we went to Zekuphyak/Katao [14-15k feet]

    Katao/Zekuphyak: From Lachung at a height of 14-15k ft.(approximately). Katao is a very beautiful place with the panoromic view of snow capped peaks of Himalaya. This place is very close to China border.

    On towards Lachung from Lachen

    Enroute to Katao

    To those high mountains

    At Zekuphyak, the military did not let us proceed beyond as some firing exercise was going on and also the road was totally snowed.

    And there was snow on the road, turned back from a little beyond Zekuphyak

    But not before - a lot of snow fun

    - The "NOTHING TO MESS WITH" snap


    - and "THE FAMILY"


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    Yumthang at 12,000 ft: Yumthang is called the valley of flowers. The route to Yumthang from Lachung-adjoining the Singba Forest Reserve (has over 24 species of rhododendrons) has a very picturesque landscape and is lined with rhododendrons that bloom in different colour at their best during the month of May. The valley has a grassy plane area in the middle, a river on the side and a forest Dak Bungalow, surrounded all sides by snow clad mountains. Before entering the valley a small pedestrian road goes through a small bridge right way which connects the Yumthang Hot Spring. Hot water rich in sulphur, emanates from a small spring and is diverted inside a hut where two pools are made for the bathers. In such a cold place, it is a very pleasant experience to bath in the water, which is so hot in its natural form. 6 km further north is a Shiv Mandir.

    Another 23 km ahead of Yumthang on the broader part of the Lachung valley are the hot springs of Yumey-Samdong (15, 300ft) on the river Sebu Chu at the foot of the mountain on which lies the Donkiala pass that connects the Lachung valley to the Lachen valley. At Yumey-Samdong, three rivers meet providing yet another scenic view.

    Towards Yumthang through the Sanctuary

    But the weather was going worse those days and it starts to rain as we do this afternoon journey

    And then it starts to snow before it turns to a heavy drizzle/snow rain

    We could go till Shiv Mandir after which again we were turned back from this outpost as the road was closed due to snow.

    At Yumthang Valley

    We made so many out of tourist circuit runs - and we were at a real low with diesel at 12k feet. Filled up from one person at Chungthang, just in time for the return journey to Gangtok

    The last view of the snow and wonderful coldness.

    And then eventually the return journey to Gangtok through incessant rain. The original road was closed due to landslide and followed this taxi as it went through the Dikchum road to Gangtok via Singtam. The later part was through pouring rain in the night, cant thank enough that taxi fellow who I never lost sight of. And the next day from Gangtok to Kolkata in an overnight journey.


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    From 18,000 to 0 feet

    A Himalaya to Bay of Bengal journey - the last part was not planned - my younger brother, wife and their child came to Kolkata from Chennai, getting some holidays due to office break, and with us off to Sikkim, he was bored just sitting in the house, and as we came back the very next day we travelled along with his family for the 1-day sea beach travel.

    From 18,000 to 0 feet - at Mandarmoni sea beach

    From there to Tajpur-on-sea - a even more desolate beach, around 2 km from Alampur [on Digha road].

    So that it then, finally an end to this travelogue for a travel that had us go through some of the most hostile yet beautiful terrains. We wanted a "Leh-Ladakh" feel but what we got was much beyond that.

    North Sikkim is unique, raw and untouched, and very less travelled. The permit window dharna, the travel and the Tsongmo and Gurudongmar Lake, the frozen waterfall and ice storm at Chopta, the snow fun at Zeku, the snowfall at Yumthang, and finally the night journey to Gangtok through huge rain, the wonderful people of Sikkim - memories that will be there forever.

    Till the next journey then and thanks much for letting me relive the experience again through sharing with you all.

    The End

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