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Thread: Extreme Exclusive Wild, Wild North Sikkim--A Himalaya to Bay of Bengal journey > North Sikkim

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    Enroute to Gurudongmar Part 1

    Leave Lachen as scheduled at 530 am for Gurudongmar. Roads were closed for as recent as 3 days before due to snow and landslides and recently only now tourists are being allowed to go. Real lucky sure we were.

    First halt is at Thangu ( 32Kms from Lachen and at 13000 feet) where the permits are checked and details entered. The journey to Thangu follows the fascinating roads winding upwards cutting across the dense conifered mountains, lush green alpine meadows and vast river valleys.

    At Thangu@13,000 ft

    In high spirits

    And the journey continues..

    The upper road goes to Chopta Valley and the straight road is to Gurudongmar as I later learn - but then who to ask at that time, real dilemma - went back to Thangu again to ask about the road direction.


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    Enroute to Gurudongmar Part 2


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    Re: Towards Gurudongmar

    Enroute to Gurudongmar Part 2


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    Enroute to Gurudongmar Part 3

    the journey and the climb continues..


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    Enroute to Gurudongmar Final Part, #5

    And then after a 4.5-hour rough and tough journey up to the lake - the temple by the lake can been seen faintly


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