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    Chiktul-Pangi-Kalpa-Roghi-Kalpa - Oct 3, 2008 - Friday

    Next early morning we checked out from the hotel in Chitkul for Kalpa. The motorable road goes up to Roghi, which is beyond Kalpa.

    Checking out of Chitkul

    Dam construction on Sutlej and look at where those fellows working, sheer drop beneath

    There are two roads in Kalpa, one for longer vehicles like buses and trucks and that goes way around, we took that while going since did not know much about the other road. We also by mistake went up to Pangi village, as we missed the turn for Kalpa.

    While going to Kalpa, one comes across the town Rekong Peo, the district headquarters of Kinnaur.

    CHITKUL – KALPA.........(77 km)
    Chitkul – Karchham (1899m) ……….44 km
    Karchham – Powari (2170m) ………13 km
    Powari – Recong Peo (2290m) ……… 7 km
    Recong Peo – Kalpa (2900m) ………13 km

    We decided to stay in a hotel in Kalpa where the views were great. Again, off season hotel rates. The day and evening was spent going to Roghi and here is the deepest gorge and the road is just enough width for the Safari. There is in fact a signboard saying, "Danger, Teekha More" but again the views were great. Apples were in plenty in all trees and thus got some apples from where they were sorting.

    Kinnaur Kailash Range


    We stayed in Kalpa for 1 night and then tomorrow we move out to Giabong-Ropa Valley, a very much less travelled route by tourists. People generally go to Nako from Kalpa, but read about Ropa valley being much more scenic than Nako and also totally remote.


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    Kalpa-Giabong-Ropa [Ropa Valley], Oct 4, 2008, Saturday

    After a day in Kalpa we set forth for the other very less travelled road, towards Giabong and Ropa of Ropa Valley.

    We tank up at Recong Peo and set forth. Going along the Hindustan Tibet Road, NH22, and before Pooh, comes the Ropa Valley diversion after crossing a wooden bridge and then turning left. The other straight road goes to Nako.

    From thereon it is a complete dirt road and totally off track. - Towards Ropa via Giabong [Ropa Valley]

    We set forth for Ropa, the last point till where one can drive, in order to stay at the circuit house there. From Giabong, the road goes through some army barracks to Ropa. Ropa is the last village, has few houses, and one has to have food ration as there are no shops out here.

    After much search we found the caretaker and had the circuit house for ourselves. Very few people come over here and our food ration that we had came into use.

    The late morning, afternoon and evening was spent exploring the road at Ropa.

    Towards the lesser known Giabong-Ropa

    Seeing me putting stones behind tyres on inclines, he also chips in

    At night the kitchen at the circuit house had a gas stove though and our LPG cylinder was not used. Had some delicious home made food!!!

    Tomorrow morning we travel from Ropa to Tabo, crossing the notorious Malling Nala.


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    Ropa-Malling Nala-Tabo, Oct 5, Sunday

    Checking out of Ropa

    Stopped for tea at a lonely dhaba just before Malling and views from there

    Kazigs before Tabo i.e. you go up when going to Tabo from Nako

    Brilliant colours of fall

    Left Ropa early with the next intended stop being Tabo - of course all depending upon whether the notorious Malling Nala was open. This is active landslide area, the whole mountain is just crumbling and more days it is closed than open. We were really lucky to it open that day, as otherwise would have really been dejected as the Spiti loop would have remained incomplete.

    Crossing Malling Nala, going towards Tabo

    Malling Nala

    and vistas beyond

    At Tabo we stayed at the circuit house as no govt. official was not coming that day. Circuit house is the best one over there, spacious bungalow type rooms, very cheap, good food cooked by the caretakers, and the views are superb. Among the other options available in 2008 was the The other option is the Tabo Monastery guest house

    Son now totally fascinated about bulldozers, after seeing so many of them

    The kite flying monk

    Tomorrow we check out of Tabo to go to Kaza but definitely Mudh and Pin Valley is what we have in mind first


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    Tabo-Mudh [Pin Valley]-Kaza - First half of Oct 6, Monday

    Today we set forth for Tabo for Dhankar Monastery and Mudh, where the road ends for Pin Valley and the plan was to reach Kaza around late afternoon. While going we saw that weather was perfect and thus did not go up from the road to Dhankar and instead went to Pin Valley [Mudh]. The turning is at Attargoo where one leaves the Tabo Kaza road for Kungri, Gulling, Sagnam, and Mudh.

    Checking out of Tabo

    Journey across Pin Valley

    At Sagnam, bridge and river

    Mudh is where the road ends and the trekking route to Pin Parbati Pass.

    On road through Pin Valley to Mudh

    Towards Mudh, end of motorable road [Pin Valley] , a road of pointed rocks and very prone to landslides

    It was a good decision to drop Dhankar for the time being as the weather rapidly deteriorated just when we were coming back from Mudh. Mudh is very landslide prone and the road treacherous.

    Bad weather as we came back from Mudh [These clouds followed up from Mudh and that hastened our return]

    Checking out of Pin Valley


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    Kaza-Ki Monastery-Kibber-Tashigang-Kaza - Second half of Oct 6, Monday

    After the fantastic and very satisfying journey to Pin Valley, we headed for Kaza and reached around afternoon. Looked out for accomodation and found a decent one at Sakya Abode, the Raid guys stayed over here when in Kaza. We got some good discounts as the hotel was completely empty.

    Filled up diesel to max in Kaza and headed for Ki and Kibber.

    Pumping diesel, no electricity, Kaza

    Ki Monastery

    and views from top of Ki Monastery

    From there proceeded to Kibber, one of highest villages around and the road ends there

    From Kibber, saw a post indicating Tashigang village and road fascinated me, went almost to the village but because of the fast approaching darkness we retraced back for a well deserved rest at Kaza.

    On route to Tashigang from Kibber

    Tomorrow, first half, Oct 7, Tuesday, early morning we plan to go from Kaza to the very remote villages of Langza, Komic and Demul.


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