Amazing Exotic Western Arunachal-Tawang, Dirang, Bumla/Lumla, Zemithang, Eagle Nest Sanctuary , and Nameri[Assam]

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2008-09 year's-end travel was one of the most memorable one - a totally untravelled forest, an exotic place and journey; Along with a villager as a guide, we were awestruck as we neared to the source of River Jonk and a blue turquoise water with the whitest of sand beach in the middle of an unexplored forest. Any other place it would been a million dollar resort or backyard of a corporate but then this is the unbridled joy and satisfaction one gets going unknown exotic places.

The journey to River Jonk source

The secret beach - in the middle of an unknown forest

So again a "new" year-end [2009-10] and we had around 10 days because of son's Christmas-New Year holidays and we reasoned like it must be some place exotic, less known, less travelled place just like last time. And what better place than the North East. We had been previously to Shillong and Guwahati by train and had seen those places but though we liked the surrounding places, it sure was not that lesser known.

Arunachal comes into picture straightaway and came up with two options - Western Arunachal [Tawang and all] and Namdapha National Park - the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot and is located in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh in Changlang District.

Due to work situation, the departure date likewise was not certain and hence with no future booking or planning possible - it was Western Arunachal as Namdapha requires at least some planning beforehand to pull it off smoothly.

Long well before, the hyderabad guys [AP2AP] had it all planned for a Tawang tour and with at least some part of our journey being commong from Siliguri, it was something new to look forward to and meet up with them!

With a child and with no booking, Safari VTT-TMT as usual was filled up to the brim!

And what we had in there!

1. 2 Suitcases

2. 4 Bags.

3. 1 bundled wrap blankets [white misshaped cloth covered one at the top]

4. 1 Folding Camp bed

5. 1 Stove

6. 1 Portable Fireplace

7. 20 L Mineral Water jar

8. Towing rope and battery jump start cables.

9. Oversized umbrella

10. A sack of few utensils, and rice and dal ration if emergency stuck situations/days.

11. Small items like hand bags, flask, etc.

Thats the power of a Safari's back. It gobbles everything up.
And so what followed for the next 10 days was lifetime trip - amazing places and most helpful amazing people, [even though that person whom we asked may be only person around!], the every friendly Army men and one big maximum driving experience!

Along the very less known Eagle Nest Sanctuary trail, Western Arunachal

An absolutely less known trail beyond Sela Pass that we found, going by frozen streams and small lakes

So thats it for the intro, over the coming days will be putting down the travel story and of course reliving that wonderful journey!