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Thread: Exotic Travel-Known and Unknown Western Arunachal and Nameri-Assam

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    Returning from Bum La

    With one last view of the Bum La post and field, it was time for the return journey.

    Going back crossing these two stretches were no sweat now, it is all downhill and easily done

    We stop at the Temple in honour of Subedar Joginder Singh, PVC, which we skipped while going.

    Took a break to marvel at the expanse of the mountains of Tawang


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    Returning from Bum La --> Part 2

    Some more random pictures of the return journey to Tawang from Bum la, Western Arunachal


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    Returning from Bum La and on towards T Gompa

    As we descended down from Bum La, as it was a clear day crossed a very different P Tso Lake as compared to last day

    As we descended, there's a bifurcation. The straight road goes to Tawang and all take that road. As we asked one local, came to know that its a lonely road that goes to T Gompa aka Tiger's Den. The name and road itself was enough of an inspiration for me to check it out.

    The road was one lonely road I have ever driven with no one in sight. The name "Tiger Den" also made the journey kind of mysterious and interesting with wife asking me to turn, guessing that there will be some kind of "tantric" or "cult" camp out there. The road deteriorated soon and milestones dont say anything

    With no one or even a villager or settlement all along, we were getting apprehensive. Suddenly on a turn we come across this local gentleman, who was carrying some timber from the forest and ask for directions and about the place. He point out to somewhere high up on the mountains, saying no one lives or travels on this road at this times, and the road will be slippery and blocked with ice on the higher levels.

    The local

    Takstang Monastery or the Tigerís Den is placidly situated about fifty kms from Tawang Township. Itís believed to be hallowed by the visit of Guru Padmasambhava in the eight century A.D. It was one of the oldest monastery in the area.

    It sure was a spooky journey, no one around, not even a settlement and with evening fast approaching and as we encountered the slippery roads and wife full nervous now, its time to turn back. Just shows how a simple road to an unknown mysterious place can sometimes give you enough goosebumps than a known bad terrain.

    Also attempted the monastery for women but with a clutch burning and almost stuck turning out here, it was time to go back fast towards the most known and familiar one, the Tawang Monastery

    Tawang Monastery at a distance as we made drove towards it, evening time.


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    Tawang Monastery

    Tawang Monastery: Perched atop a ridge and surrounded by thick clouds and perennial mist, the Tawang Monastery seems to be suspended from heaven in an equally ethereal space. About 400 years old the monastery is one of the oldest and the largest in Asia and can house more than 700 monks. It controls 17 Gonpas and a few nunneries of this region. Founded by Merag lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681 in accordance to the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso, the monastery has an interesting legend surrounding its name, which means chosen by horse. (Ta-horse, Wang砲hosen) As the legend goes the site of the Monastery was chosen by the horse of Merag Lama.

    Merag Lama, who had been unable to decide a site to establish the monastery, was one day praying in cave, seeking a divine guidance, when he came out after the prayers, he found his horse missing. On search, the horse was located standing quietly on a hilltop. Considering this as a sign of devine blessing he decided to construct the monastery at the very spot. The monastery was built with the help of volunteers from the neighboring villages. Even today, the villages are responsible for the upkeep of the monastery. The monastery is also grandiloquently called Galden Namgey Lhatse meaning celestial paradise and one look at the monastery on a clear night will make one realize how true its name, it stands glowing like a phantasmagoria in the blue of the night.
    From that lonely journey it was back to the most familiar road for any traveller or tourist out here at Tawang, the Tawang Monastery. Some of the random pictures taken out there.

    So that ends a very eventful day, from Bumla to Tiger's Den road to Tawang Monastery - tomorrow we go towards Lumla and Zemithang.


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    Tawang - Lum la - Zemithang - Urgelling - Tawang


    is a Monpa settlement in Tawang District and lies near Indo-Tibet border. It is located at the head of a picturesque vale, created by river Nyamjang Chu flowing in from Tibet. Zemithang lies in the remote and sometimes isolated north-western corner of the Tawang district, sandwiched between Bhutan and Tibet.

    The upper ridges and border areas of Zemithang is occupied by Indian Army. The motorable road passes through the village of Muchot and Lumpo and finally terminates at Neyla which is an Army settlement.
    Zemithang-Neyla road branches of just before entering Tawang.

    Our most helpful hotel owners were going to visit LumLa to visit the recently elected local MLA and we followed them on the scenic journey to Zemithang.

    The hotel owners stopped at Lum La and two locals were deputed by them to be with us just for company and to show the places out there. As said amazing support and help all through!

    Zemithang journey was done just for some great driving experience, hill roads, great views, the journey was very similar to the one we did to Gushaini-Bathad in Himachal

    IN remotest India, a colossal monument. Who built it and why? Look on it, ye traveller, and admire! And ask not questions, for the answers are uncertain, lost in documents that have long disappeared. There are the fables, of course, stories that Monpa grandmothers in Zemithang tell their grandchildren. Of a lama bearing a monkey name who travelled far and wide in search of funds and ideas. Before Gorsam Chorten came to be built.
    Gorsam Chorten: Surrounded by legends

    Son was happy I gave him the S3 IS to take random pictures, he clicked me and vice versa

    Dorabji Tata Trust looks to be involved actively out here - this area surely must be developed as a tourist circuit to help the local population - as most of them are BPL. Travellers take the road to Tawang without thinking much about the other road that branches off.

    After a short tea break at the only shop around there, late afternoon a journey back towards Tawang and some beautiful scenery again,

    Urgelling monastery stands at a short distance of 5 km, south of the Tawang Township in Arunachal Pradesh. It was the first of the three monasteries built by Urgen Sangpo, the youngest brother of Terton Pempalingpa, the famous Treasure-Revealer. Urgelling Monastery was built sometime before the year 1489 AD. This was the place were in 1683 AD Tsangyang Gyatso; the Sixth Dalai Lama was born.
    Entering Tawang, on the outskirts before returning to the hotel, late evening we go to Urgelling monastery.

    As dusk came in, there ends another eventful day in Tawang and tomorrow after 4 days out here, we head back for the return journey, but then it is not the normal route back!


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